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Learning Technology Values

Schools convey values by the tools they provide to administrators, staff, teachers and students, and by how these tools are used.

Our technology values include:

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Our Offerings

We provide online professional development, instructional design and project management, via an integrated web environment designed for team planning and blended learning.

Our collaborative intranet supports online project management for instructional teams designing online and blended learning units.

We empower teachers with the tools and support they need to succeed.

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The Collaboratory

Workplan Values

Open source communities are like schools: loosely-coupled and non-commercial. Both are fed by people intrinsically motivated to contribute and collaborate.

We believe schools should strive to be learning organizations, not bureaucracies, balancing top-down planning with self-organization.

We marry teacher professional development and technology planning to support the contributions and buy-in needed for what is easier to buy than use well.

Our Mission: Bringing Web 2.0 to Learning 2.0
Our Mission

Bringing Web 2.0
to Learning 2.0

New Projects

We bring tools, practices and people together in new ways to help classrooms and schools become learning communities.  Nascent initiatives:


Our Model: Schools as Open Source Communities
Our Model

Schools become
Open Source Communities

Our Web 2.0 Platform: Drupal

Our Chief Tool:Drupal

Drupal is an open souce
web development platform.

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Our Workplan: Intranet and Professional Learning Communities

Agile Development

We help build
collaborative teams
that get things done.



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