Google Alert Results

For two months, I rand Google Alerts for "Open Source Education" and "Open Source Schools". 

Almost all posts concerned SOFTWARE (adopting open source operating systems and applications), not CULTURE (values and models for school organizations), with the sole exception of posts like these by Miles Berry:

  • Open Source Education: "The communities of practice which grow up around open source projects could have much in common with the networks and communities of educational, curricular and pedagogic ‘developers’ which school leaders and teachers have the potential to become, if given the necessary encouragement, opportunities and freedom."
  • Social Constructivism and Open Source: "Miles discusses the place of group work in learning with technology, and asks the PGCE students to share their experience of online communities and networks."

Yay, Miles!  I will start commenting on your posts soon.  If anyone reads this post and knows of others trying to make this connection, please comment!

For reference, here are a few resources for software and schools that came up (Google Alerts offer content is freshly-linked, not necessarily authoritative).

Adopting Open Source Software in Schools



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