Posts specifically about schools adopting the open source model.

How Learning Organizations Handle Mistakes

Most of of Liza Kindred's Lullabot Case Study will interest only Lullabot fans, but 9 minutes in, she tells a story that makes a great subject for an Open Source Education post.

In brief: a key Lullabot employee makes a small data import error late at night that causes huge legal problems.   She fixes the problem and waits for a "you're fired" call from one of the partners, Matt Westgate.  The call comes:

The Transition from Bureaucracy to Learning Organizations

Traditional American public schools are bureaucracies (Max Weber), the best are learning organizations (Peter Senge), and most are in a transitional form between the two. I believe that the structure of open source communities, like Drupal, can inform this transition.


OLI and Curriculum Maps

What does the open source model offer to our schools?

"Open source" means more than "people can change it" and "free to use".

There's something also wonderful about the culture of open source organizations: the way communities form, establish norms, build systems, and induct new members, all for joy of sharing and contributing to a collective effort.

I think schools could be more like this, and this blog will be that exploration.

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